• 1.These terms of use apply to lease agreements for the purpose of the temporary use of rooms.
  • 2.Extension or other changes to the duration of the use of rooms cannot, in principle, be accepted.
  • 3.Users shall use the property for residency and no other purpose.
  • 4.Persons other than the user and those registered as roommates are not allowed to enter or use rooms.
  • 5.The charge for use is the prescribed daily rate multiplied by the number of days of occupancy.
  • 6.The full charge for use must be paid in advance.
  • 7.Users shall pay a cleaning charge as prescribed by Monthly Accommodation Roppongi – My Room (hereinafter referred as “the Company”) when making reservations. Users shall be charged in addition to the prescribed cleaning charge for restoration of the room to its original state if there is any marked stains, damage, or loss in the room interior, exterior, its equipment and/or appurtenances. Such charges shall be paid within three days after billing.
  • 8.Users may be requested for an additional charge if actual utility charges exceed the prescribed amount.
  • 9.Once the reservation has been completed, please pay the full charge for use by the date of your stay.
  • 10.Although users may cancel the use of rooms, payments cannot be refunded after reservations have been completed.
  • 11.If charges are not paid by the specified date, users shall be immediately denied access to their rooms. In addition, if no contact is received from users by the deadline for payment, the Company shall immediately assume that the agreement has been cancelled and dispose of any of belongings left in rooms. Users shall be charged for the cost of restoring rooms to their original state (including cleaning charges and the cost of disposing of guests’ belongings) and rent covering the number of days and hours until rooms have been restored to their original state during which they cannot be leased.
  • 12.At the end of their period of occupancy, users shall allow rooms to be cleaned and vacate the premises by the time prescribed by the Company. Continuing to occupy rooms and / or leaving belongings in rooms after the period of occupancy is strictly forbidden. If the Company incurs any losses or damage due to users failing to vacate rooms or leaving their belongings in rooms, and/or, if, after rooms have been vacated, there is any marked stains in the room interior and/or costs are incurred by the Company for disposal of belongings left in the room, users and roommates listed in the usage agreement shall be charged for restoration of the room to its original state and additional rent covering the number of days and hours until it will be restored to its original state during the time of period they cannot be leased. Such charges shall be paid within three days after the billing statement is issued.
  • 13.The lessor or manager may enter rooms in cases determined by the Company to justify access of rooms such as in emergencies, when users cannot be contacted, and when repairs and/or inspections need to be made. In addition, users may be asked to cooperate with security and safety patrols by personnel of the Company to confirm identification.
  • 14.Users are expected to abide by the rules below. Any violations shall result in immediate cancellation of agreements.
    • a) Keeping pets in rooms is prohibited (needless to say, breeding animals in rooms is also forbidden.).
    • b) Engaging in immoral acts or acts that inconvenience those in surrounding rooms or the neighborhood is prohibited.
    • c) Cooking foods that may produce excessive smoke or smell is prohibited.
    • d) Making changes to the fixtures in the interior and/or exterior of rooms and taking appurtenances into or out of rooms are prohibited.
    • e) Engaging in acts that may result in enquiries or involvement by the police is prohibited.
  • 15.Use by persons involved in organized crime groups or other similar persons is not allowed. In addition, such persons shall not be allowed to enter the building. If the uses are found to be applicable to such cases after moving-in, the agreements will be cancelled immediately and the users must be evicted.
  • 16.Please be advised the Company shall not bear full responsibility for any damages sustained by tenants in the building, rooms and/or parking lot due to loss, fire, theft, storm and flooding damage and natural disasters. In addition, users shall be liable for the payment of amounts set by the lessor as compensation for any damages they have caused such as the loss and/or damage of facilities, equipment and/or appurtenances in the building, rooms and/or parking lot.
  • 17.Users are asked to keep leased rooms tidy and in order during their period of occupancy. In addition, users are requested to manage and clean leased rooms at their own responsibility. The Company shall accept no liability for problems such as blockage of drains and/or pipes or air conditioner malfunctions resulting from users neglecting to manage and clean leased rooms. Moreover, should such problems cause inconvenience to other tenants or damage to facilities, the agreements of such users may be reviewed and cancelled. Such users shall be liable for the payment of compensation for any damage they have caused.
  • 18.Please be advised that, under no circumstances, communications or messages from third parties will not be relayed to tenants.
  • 19.Any violation of the Terms of Use will result in immediate cancellation of the agreements of offending parties.
  • 20.Lease agreements shall be deemed to have come into force, and it shall be assumed that lessees agree to the Terms of Use upon completion of reservation using this service.
  • 21.Seniors (70 years of age or over) or persons with disabilities who may need any help in daily lives must provide an emergency contact (address and telephone number) on the application form. Applications without emergency contacts may not be accepted or refused.
  • 22.The Company shall not bear full responsibility for any troubles or problems with Internet connections. In addition, the Company may, at its own discretion, refuse the use of Internet connections of users if their use exceeds the reasonable scope of use for an individual. In addition, connection of equipment with router functions is strictly forbidden.
  • 23.Items not covered by the Terms of Use shall be handled in accordance with laws and ordinances or generally established practices. In addition, in the event that the Company complies with special agreements that do not violate the scope of laws and ordinances and generally established practices, such special agreements shall take priority irrespective of the foregoing provision.


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